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The Italian Food Platform

Welcome to Emerge, the first Italian online food platform. The only place that puts buyers and producers in contact with one another through a virtual marketplace. It has infinite possibilities, thanks to innovative tools that make food commerce easy, intuitive and ever more future-oriented.




Producers showing off

Each producer can easily upload its products to Emerge by inserting key details: technical specifications, nutritional values, and product origin. This makes it easier for buyers to discover and evaluate potential opportunities.

Buyers look for the best

Buyers look for quality and Emerge is here to give it to them. Thanks to Emerge’s search filters, users can obtain immediate results. And what’s more, they have the tools they need to create collections and compare products.


Suppliers receive contact requests from buyers

Suppliers know when their products have been viewed and can receive precious feedback from customers. And if buyers want to know more, they can instantly contact the producers that interest them.

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